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Glossary keyword - Email Automation

Email Automation

Email automation is a marketing tool and is triggered by users when they visit a website. It is an essential tool in the digital marketing industry. Websites aim at building email lists to which they send newsletters on subscription or customer birthdays. These emails are sent from one’s email service provider. All of this is predefined once, and the messages are sent automatically after that. There are many automation service providers today who have expertise in determining the correct time and volume of sending out emails.   

Benefits of Email Automation

Email automation helps to add a personal touch. A business can form a one-to-one relationship with the visitors. This familiarity helps play a dual role - it builds trust and reminds visitors to discover the website and its new elements. It saves both time and money while allowing marketing teams to focus on other areas. Email marketing is a crucial element of any marketing strategy because of its effectiveness. Besides, automated emails are relevant to a user’s actions and come with a call-to-action button which takes them to predetermined landing pages. It can boost click-through rates quickly. More customers are retained with email automation.    

Using Automation

Email automation may be used in various ways - whether to send welcome emails, birthday cards, or product-launch emails along with exclusive discounts. Cart abandonment emails are an effective way to use automation too. All these can prompt users to revisit a website and possibly complete their purchases. While sending such messages, it's vital that one doesn’t bombard the visitors with spammy content. Spamming is also against the CAN-SPAM and CASL laws. Opt-out options should also be included in all of your automatic emails. Success of email automation can be figured out using specific performance indicators like view rate, open rate, and click-through rate. Then comes the conversion rate – the most critical indicator of the success of this tool. 

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