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Glossary keyword - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy where marketers use emails to promote their services and products. Through the marketing strategy, marketers can maintain their current customers and increase their potential customers. 

Marketing through email is beneficial in several ways in a marketer's business. In fact, digital marketers can and should be using digital marketing through email for the following:

  • Brand the business, 

  • Offer referrals

  • Get engagements, 

  • Acquisition (email campaign),

  • Reactivation campaign, 

  • Direct sales, 

  • Generate traffic.

Generating traffic can be to the marketer's website, to the product on a web page, to offers, or any place to promote leads. But one of the problematic aspects of marketing through emails is knowing where to focus the marketing efforts in a marketer's business. Hopefully, there's a way out.

The Customer's Journey 

The primary core of all marketing and sales is the customer journey. Turning an unknown person into a brand promoter, and understanding which levers to pull at what time is the key to successful email marketing. The great thing about marketing through email is that it can speed up the process in the customer's journey. Here's how it works. 

First of all, the prospect or customer needs to be aware of the marketer's brand before they can make any decisions. After the awareness, they subscribe to the marketer's email channel. But they need to have a good reason as to why they should subscribe to the email. When the customer or prospect completes the subscription, they now begin to deeply engage with the brand before they decide to convert to real customers. 

After conversion, marketers need to keep them excited about how their products or services are helping them and maintain that excitement so they can move from one purchase to multiple purchases. After the customers ascend to multiple purchases, the marketers still have to keep the excitement so they can become brand advocates. From the advocate stage, the customers become a promoter of the marketer's brand.  

Here's a break down of the customer's journey: 

  • The customer or prospect becomes aware of the brand

  • Subscribe

  • Engage

  • Convert

  • Excite

  • Ascend (become a multi-buyer)

  • Advocate

  • Promote brand 

Through marketing through email, digital marketers can create loyal customers and promoters that don't get paid. If marketers can succeed in the customer's journey, they'll succeed in their business. So the goal is to look at the customer's journey and plan on how marketers can speed up the process by leveraging email marketing. 


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