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Glossary keyword - Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is the indicator of the effectiveness of your work. If the majority of your audience is liking, commenting, sharing, holding discussions about a particular post, that means your engagement rate is high, and your audience is interested in your content. The engagement rate also depends on your previous posts. If a user has liked or commented on your last posts, this means it is likely that they will like and comment on your post again. Therefore, keeping the flow of quality content that a customer can be interested in is the key to achieving a high engagement rate. 

Community Management 

There are a large number of people who do not get engaged in social media. Those people are part of your silent audience. To get people participating in your posts, a blogger should consider making specific actions. There is a term called “community management.” It is using individual instruments to broaden the audience and get them engaged. After applying those instruments, the blogger can and will receive more engagement rates resulting in greater likes, comments, and shares. Let’s now take a look at the special instruments of community management. 

Increase Engagement Social Media

One thing you should do is to post questions for your users to answer. There are built-in tools on Facebook. Users can vote on others’ answers or add their own. It will help your friends and followers have the freedom to add comments, and you will be able to collect their thoughts on a particular topic while increasing the engagement rate of your posts. On Instagram, however, you can add stories with polls that your followers can answer to. Or you can add questions in your posts and let the users respond to them in the comment section. 

This way, your followers will be more motivated towards commenting and increasing engagement rates. While asking your audience questions and expecting them to answer is a great way to increase engagement rate, a blogger should also change the sides sometimes and tell its followers to ask her questions. Because if you have a decent number of followers, the chances are that many of them have questions that they want to ask. Give them this opportunity of getting to know you better from time to time to increase the user satisfaction and the engagement rate of your posts. 

Go Live 

Going live on social media was introduced a few years ago and has proven to boost engagement rate. While your followers can see your posts or photos, they might want to know what kind of a person you are in reality. Going live on social media is the easiest and most straightforward way of achieving it. This way, your followers will feel right in front of you, asking you questions, and learning about your lifestyle. 


You need to give your followers a reason to comment. As a blogger, you need to leave the call to action. Call to action or CTA is merely a reason for people to comment. You have got to give people a reason to comment or engage in your posts, especially if you have over a thousand followers. If you have less than a thousand, most of them are likely your friends, relatives, or college mates, so in this case, you might be just fine. You are probably getting private comments, but anything over a thousand followers, there is a high chance that there are lots of strangers following you because you have interesting content. Those people need a reason to comment, and you have to give it to them to improve your engagement rates.


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