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Glossary keyword - Evergreen Content (EC)

Evergreen Content (EC)

Evergreen content is a type of content that never gets old. Relevancy of the evergreen topics is the key to EC. The name comes from plant evergreen that retains green leaves in spite of the period of the year. There are two parts of EC. The first one is content, and the second one is the topics. Both of these aspects need to be relevant in order to make search optimized digital content. 

What are evergreen topics?

Evergreen topics are topics that are casual and have consistent search volume over a long period.


“How to lose weight?- It does not matter if it is two thousand nineteen or two thousand fifty, there will still be people who are interested in that topic, so it stays evergreen

Football Scores-Football matches get played all the time in many international/national leagues from different countries, and football fans are desperate to learn about the latest news.

Non-evergreen topics examples:

  • Where to buy Easter eggs?

  • Olympics

  • Khabib vs Mcgregor

  • US presidential elections


Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that covers evergreen topics that are never going out of date. 

For instance:

Ten ways to lose weight faster by diet: The blog posts and articles that cover this topic stays evergreen because the fundamentals of losing extra mass do not change that much. Burn more calories than you consume so you can lose weight. This type of content search volume stays stable because of the concept of the topic

How to create an EC?

Some tricks can help users create evergreen content such as:

  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Provide readers with industrial tips, how-to articles or advice on particular topics

  • Explain standard features/concepts in a specific industry  

  • Feature testimonials reviews of the products in your evergreen content


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