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Glossary keyword - External Link

External Link

An external link is a hyperlink that targets any other domain except the domain that has that link. For example, if one domain links to the other, it would mean an externally linking for that other site. Code Sample of this link Looks like:

<w ebzool=’http://www.external-domain.exe/’’>Link Anchor</a>

In an optimal sample, the link works by the usage of descriptive keywords that reflect the same topic or keywords that especially targets a particular type of page. It is not necessary to use the exact keyword several times in those pages because search engine bots can see it as spam. The suggestion for the user by experts is to use a variety of anchor texts that increase the quality of the content and usability aspects for visitors. 

Metrics that Determines the Value of EL

  • The popularity of the linking page
  • The anchor text that was used in the connection  
  • The ownership and relationship among those linked web sites
  • The trustworthiness of the linking domain 

Importance of the External Link for Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

Top Search Engine Optimization specialists believe that external linking is one of the most crucial sources of ranking power. They see external links as the tool that passes link equity, and that is why it is more important for SEO experts than internal links. Search Engine bots take these links as a third party vote; that is another reason that makes them undeniable for digital marketing campaigns. 

Data collected from the ranking factor of the Web search engines survey has shown that for a website, the most significant objective is to get a set of an external link for high ranking scores. ELs are one of the attributes that it is tough to manipulate; that is why search engines can easily define which website is famous and reliable and which are not. 

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