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Glossary keyword - Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is an official account in which you can communicate with your customers and reach potential leads through the largest social media platform. On this page, you can post news, updates and other business-related information. It is also recommended that personal accounts are not used for social media marketing. It’s essential to add a CTA (Call-to-action) button to your profile. This button can be edited accordingly and linked to appropriate landing pages.   

Benefits of Social Media Presence

A Facebook business page will enable one to communicate with customers directly and get reviews. One-to-one, intimate relationships can be established on social platforms. Personalized experiences can increase a customer’s trust in any brand. Facebook is the biggest social community on the web and thus, having an active presence here can help you reach potential clients over the world. Moreover, social media presence is seen as a good sign by visitors – it fuels their confidence in the brand. This is a purely organic way to drive traffic to one’s website.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

A business page can be either based on an existing Facebook profile or organized independently. A business page on Facebook doesn’t cost anything. However, you have to pay for Facebook Ads if you choose to advertise your products or services.

While creating a business, go to Create a Page > Business/Brand. After this, fill in company details like name, category, and address. After uploading a profile picture and cover page, all you have to do is provide website outbound links. You are free to post here now. On a Facebook business page, you can post a variety of things like product launches, updates, and featured products. To engage visitors, you can also hold giveaways and contests. The aim is to amass followers and reach a wider audience. You may also add team members to your business page.

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