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Glossary keyword - Favicon


A favicon is a small icon that appears in front of website names in bookmarks, history results, or browsing tabs. On the tab of the current page, users will see a small box with a unique shade of blue and a white ‘W’. It is the favicon of Webzool Creative. These icons are usually in 16x16 pixel size and involve simple images or a 1-3 characters text. 

Importance of Favicons 

This small icon boosts brand visibility and increases trust toward brands. By having the same color palette and style of the brand logo, favicons complete the brand image. Besides, it helps to identify a website quickly when many tabs are open. It should also be mentioned that these icons do not have any direct effect on Search Engine Optimization. The primary use of these icons is to impact brand perception and making it visible among the sea of websites. However, by improving brand image and visibility, website owners ensure visitors will stay on the page for a more extended period. Hence, an icon may affect SEO indirectly.

Criteria for Effective Icon

Though favicon is small and straightforward, designers should give much attention while creating it. The reason is that this icon is associated with the brand immediately. Having a relatable figure that reflects brand identity is essential for providing complete brand experience

The icon cannot always be a smaller version of the logo. Sometimes, the elements of a small logo will not be easily visible. It is essential to keep the design simple and avoid items that make an icon messy. People can also put the first letter of the website name, an abbreviation, or the acronym in the logo. Besides, designers should choose contrasting colors to make them eye-catching instantly and yet, related to the color palette of brand elements. In all items, representation of the brand is the #1 factor as the favicon should tell users which brand the website belongs to. 


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