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Glossary keyword - Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet is a summary of the answer in Google to the user’s query that appears on the very top with additional details. Since 2014, in the most significant companies like Google and Microsoft Bing, a new term - “Featured Snippet” started to appear. There are different versions of the formats for Featured Snippets, which can look at the top of the searching results. So, for savvy and safe businesses, they are highly coveted results for search engines. 

Feature Snippet and SEO

For your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Featured Snippet is a super search listing. Poetically speaking, they are like gold mines for your SEO. Because people work hard to have high-ranked pages, and Featured Spinnets are like bonuses to add.

If we try to give it a definition, we should also say that Featured Snippets are the answers to your searches. The search engine extracts them from the ranked pages and frames them by a box. Usually, they are at the top of the other results and will be the most visible for the searcher. And below it, you will probably see the paid ads. 

Rich Answer and Direct Answer

When we talk about snippets, there are similar terms like “rich answer” and “direct answer.” It is because their place is above the natural search results, and people call it “position 0”. 

So, the chances of seeing Featured Snippets depend on the type of search. If you use questions in your searches, there is a higher chance of seeing snippets.

Voice Search Queries

From the voice search queries like Cortana or Google Assistant, you can see snippets as answers too. In the modern world, voice searches become more popular and essential. So, that is why you should include featured pieces in your intentional search strategy. 

Mobile Optimized

Mobile is also one of the reasons why search engines added featured snippets. Recently, Google utilizes the mobile index as a primary search index. And mobile devices bring the most search traffics. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to be ranked number 1 to be in a rich answer or Snippet. Google looks for directs responses, not for the most popular ones. 

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