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Glossary keyword - Feed


A news or web feed is a data format that provides users of particular platforms with updated content. Content distributors organize a news feed that allows users to subscribe and get daily updates from there. The collection of the web feeds in one place is called aggregation, and the performer of that act called aggregator. The syndicated feed is another term used for news (web) feeds.

In general, web feeds used like this: First, a content creator or publisher shares a link on their sites that end users can enter with a feed reader or news reader that runs on their own devices. These programs are also called aggregator programs. How does it work? Aggregator programs for web feeds can be instructed to complete tasks. When feeds need to be updated, aggregators ask from all servers whether or not they have new content. If servers have content, then the aggregator program makes a new note of the content or downloads it directly. Although it seems like web feeds push content toward users, in reality, they are considered as an example of pull technology.

The kind of digital content that web feeds deliver is generally webpage content that has HTML format. Whenever websites want to provide information about new materials to their users, they include summaries of the web feed rather than full web content.

Web feeds can be operated by many organizations such as:


  • News websites

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Weblogs

Benefits of Feed

Web feeds have many advantages in comparison with getting frequently published content through email. Users do not need to include their emails when they subscribe to a web feed, and they can avoid scams, spam, viruses, and more. Users don’t need to unsubscribe the feed because it will disappear from their aggregator whenever they stop reading them. Feed items are sorted with individual entries, and it helps users to find any information that they want quickly.

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