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Glossary keyword - File Compression

File Compression

File compression is the process of reducing the original size of a file for easy transfer. Compressing files creates free storage space to save memory and disk space. It also makes the transfer secure and faster than using the original size. When a computer receives a compressed file, it needs to have a program to decompress the sent data to its original size.

Another way to compress a file is to combine multiple files into one compressed archive. It makes the transfer faster for any type of files and keeps the data in one place for convenience. There’s no specific measurement for reduced file size, but a file compression can reduce the file size from 50 to 90 percent.

Most computers are redundant, which means they have the same information repeated many times. File compression programs reduce file sizes by removing these redundancies. Let’s take this sentence as an example. “Ask what you can do for your associate, not what your associate can for you.“

The sentence has 16 words, 54 letters, 14 spaces, one comma, and one period. If each letter or space equals one unit, the total file size will be 71 units. Compressing the file size means removing the redundancies. Here is a list of the redundancies: “ask,” “what,” “your,” “friend,” “can,” “for,” and “you.”

Lempel And Ziv Algorithm 

The majority of the compression programs use the Lempel and Ziv dictionary-based algorithm to compress files. The system used in compressing the size of a file varies, but it can be as easy as numbering a list. In this case, numbers will be used to replace the repeated words. So it becomes:

  1. Ask

  2. Your

  3. What

  4. Associate

  5. Can

  6. You

  7. For

The compressed file will now read: 1 3 6 5 do 7 2 4, not 3 2 4 5 7 6. This compressed file is shorter than the original words; hence it’ll reduce the file size. File compression is highly relevant in today’s technological world, where file sizes are increasing. 


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