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Glossary keyword - Follower


A follower on social media is the term that defines people who subscribe to some pages/persons and receive updates about them. In other words, the follower is the one that chooses to see another user’s pages’ content on their news feed. Online businesses operate though followers, and their main objective is to draw the attention of them with social media presence.

Different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have various forms of news feeds for users. The content type in those platforms varies, but almost all of them contain texts, images, videos, and more. Followers subscribe/follow those pages to get constant updates from specific people.

Follows are different from likes and shares. In retweets and shares, users indicate that they find value on the individual post while following is the matter that shows interest by followers to receive different types of content from particular pages.

How followers use follow feature in different social media platforms

On Facebook: people follow or like page/s. Whether a user liked the page or follows it, they will get updates from those particular pages. Followers are essential factors that can affect your business and personal life. Some people falsely open social media accounts for celebrities and valuable business. To combat them, Facebook created a verification feature so that followers can identify which one is original and which is fake.

Follows in social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube are different from Facebook because, in those platforms, all user profiles are public by default.

Getting Followers

Engagement strategies require a target following as the primary measurement variable for success in sales and revues. To increase followers:

  • Offer unique content

  • Follow others to increase engagement

  • Promote your brand and products through social media accounts

  • Use popular hashtags to grab the attention on social media

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