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Glossary keyword - Frame


HTML frame is a tool used to divide the browser window into multiple pieces. Every piece of those sections can load separate HTML docs. The collection of those elements is called frameset. The frameset division looks like tables because they also have different rows and columns.

The Difference between Iframes and Frameset?

When people use iframes, they split the visual estate of the browser window into separate elements, and each of those elements has independent content on it whenever they do this act. Those separate contents do not spill into one another while people use iframes. Both of these notions operate the same function through their essence varies.

  • Iframes are used for adding content
  • Frames, on the other hand, is layout defining element

The concept behind it

The basic concept behind frames is very straightforward

  • Use this element to generate framesets to the content of the webpage
  • Use src attribute for identifying the resource that needs to be loaded inside each element
  • Generate another file that has the contents for each frameset

Example: If a user wants to create frames in HTML 5, it will look like this:

<!type html>



                    <h1>Frame 1</h1>

                    <p>Content of Frame 1</p>



Problems with the Frames

There are few disadvantages that users may experience while using frame feature.

  • Usability changes: Mobile devices are frequently used by everyone, and the overall number of small screen display devices increased vastly. Websites and pages need to offer multiple views that can change based on the screen of the user. The frame is useless for this type of device because its display is too small for dividing into several parts.
  • Different display resolutions can also be problematic for the ones that use this element
  • Back button of the browser might not work correctly while using this element
  • There are a few browsers that cannot support the frame overall.


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