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Glossary keyword - Frontend


Frontend in software engineering refers to the separation of concerns between the front end or the presentation layer and back end data, more commonly known as the data access layer. These are terms frequently used both in software and hardware. According to the client-server model, the client is referred to as the front-end, whereas the server is the back end. 

Components of Frontend 

In accordance with software architecture, there can be many different layers that separate the hardware and end-users. Each of these layers has a front and back-end. The front end, in this instance, is usually the abstraction that underlies the components by providing a user-friendly interface. When looking at telecommunications, the front end can be a device or service. Something to remember would be that the frontend is any component that can be changed by the user. The back end usually rests on the server, physically far from the user. 

Hardware definition

Frontend in-network computing can refer to any hardware device that can optimize and protect network computing. The reason why it is called an app frontend hardware is that it is put on the network’s front end boundary. In order for the traffic to enter the network, it has to pass through the frontend hardware. When it comes to processor design, a frontend would be the first description of the behavior of the circuit in a hardware description language. And the back end would be the process of noting the behavior that leads to physical transistors.

Software definition

When it comes to content management systems, the term frontend and backend can be a reference to the end-user looking at the view of CMS and the administrative view. But referring to speech synthesis, the front end is the part of the synthesis system that can convert the text inputted to symbolic phonetic representation. The backend, however, converts those symbolic phonetics to sounds.

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