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Glossary keyword - GCLID (Google Click Identifier)

GCLID (Google Click Identifier)

GCLID or Google Click Identifier is a parameter which stores information about a user’s search activity for a particular keyword. Time spent on the page and specific actions taken by visitors are tracked using GCLID. The click ID is created each time someone enters the website through Google advertisement. The session information is sent from one’s Google Ads’ to Google Analytics account. The feature also eliminates the need for one to create lengthy URLs and helps save on time and resources.

Importance in Paid-Marketing

Click ID’s hold particular importance in paid ads. Data analytics is vital to figure out returns on ad investment. One invests in Google Ads with the sole purpose of increased click-through rates and conversions. Using GCLID, one can know almost everything about visitor sessions, source, bounce rate, campaigns, and match type. As a result, the profitability of investments in ads can be recognized.

Moreover, one can also make specific tweaks on the website based on the gathered data. The sites can be optimized in a better way to ensure the user’s convenience and to boost session activity. In conclusion, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing campaigns can be managed effectively.  

Setting Up GCLID  

The first step is to link your Google Ads account with Google Analytics account. To ensure that you are recording click IDs, you must turn on the auto-tagging feature. This feature can be enabled by – Google Ads Account > Preference > Time-tracking > Destination URL Auto-tagging.

In some instances, your website may not be able to create click ids through GCLID. To know this, you can use Google Chrome Developer Tools. Go to Developer Tools > Network. Now type in your website URL and notice the network tab. If the click id parameter is not present, it means that your website doesn’t support click IDs.  





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