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Glossary keyword - Geotagging


Geotagging is the practice of adding a physical location, usually latitude and longitude to a media file. Geocoding is the other name for it. Geocoding involves non-coordinate information like timestamps, accuracy data, and place names. Geotagging helps users to find any media related to that specific location or address specified within the media metadata. Search engines can also make use of that information to understand the media's content and put them in SERPs accordingly.

New pictures taken with GPS-enabled devices automatically embed locations in the images. However, in old photos, users may add locations manually. They have to update this information in the EXIF data. These are two of the most common ways of geotagging images. It's interesting to note that users can geotag audio/video files using not only metadata but also audio-encoding. GPS data is changed to audio data. There is also the process of overlaying. In this, users may geotag a file with text flashing on recorded videos.

Importance in SEO

Geotagging community is big. It holds a special significance in SEO, as well. The practice makes any piece of information even more extensive. This is why a website that has pictures with global positioning data seems to benefit in SERPs. Image size optimization and suitable descriptions are a must. Geo-blogging is the practice of employing geographical coordinates to one's blogs. Users may also use geotags on all pages of the website. This way, they boost search engine confidence scores.

Geotagging has become a popular tool on social media. Instagram and Facebook make significant use of it. Twitter users can geotag tweets too. When search bots perform website crawling, they tend to read and record geotags. Yahoo and Bing agree that geotags are one of the parameters in their search algorithm. Local Businesses benefit from this practice the most. They can target potential local customers with geotags.

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