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Glossary keyword - Geotargeting


Geotargeting is not only a way to personalize content in accordance with the visitor’s geographic location, but it is also an efficiency boosting tool. With geotargeting, the website tends to pick up the location of the website’s visitor. Then, it displays content meant for that particular location. It can boost clickthrough rates and conversion rates while cutting down costs. Businesses save on resources by not unnecessarily marketing something where a particular product is not required. Visitors tend to feel a sense of importance and find such sites closer to them in terms of accessibility and relatability.    

How Geotargeting Works

Out of the many criteria like country, region, zip code, IP Address – websites may choose one. Now, if the standard is country, for instance, the particular website will track it. It may then show a different language, currency, or media as per that country. This media will depend on how a business chooses to personalize their webpage content. Think of a multinational clothing brand website. Or imagine a delivery system like FedEx. They all employ geotargeting. Another way it may work is in PPC Ads. Certain ads will only be available to users in a specific location – a location where it’s relevant to advertise.

Benefits of Geotargeting

It is a fact that targeted content sells better. Identify, personalize, target – this would be the motto of geotargeting if it had one. This makes it an excellent way to filter and organize traffic. Traffic, as we know, is very random. It’s also not possible to know who is visiting you. What is their age or gender? You may know their location, at most. Using this meager information, you can go a long way with marketing. Thus, geotargeting gives you a chance to exploit this opportunity. It ensures that businesses are not “screaming” in random directions. It also helps to avoid effort where it is not going to reap conversions. Then, you can deliver the right message at the right place and claim the benefits of SEO marketing.  

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