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Glossary keyword - Github


GitHub is a version- control system that allows software developers to control and collaborate on the same platform. Microsoft is the most significant contributor to this site.


Microsoft acquired the rights of this site on two thousand eighteen for seven point five billion dollars. As a service, Github was created on 2008. At that time, it was designed as (SaaS) business model. Linus Torvalds created this system and established it on the Git platform. Git is a tool that can help people to store the source code for the following projects and track all full history regarding the changes on those codes. The site allows software developers to improve, adapt, and change software from its private repositories with paid plans and for public pools for free. Every private or public repository has all of the project's files and each of those files' revision history.

How to use it?

Git facilitates social coding manners because it provides a web interface to matters like a repository, git code, and management tools that are good for collaboration. Software developers think that Github is one of the top social networking sites on the internet. Members of this site can follow one another, receive updates for particular projects. Besides, they can rate each other's codes or the task, and communicate both publicly and privately.

Three terms of Github


There are three critical terms that software and web developers use on this website. The first one is a fork that is also known as a branch. Fork refers to a repository that one member copied from another member's accounts. Without affecting the original type of the codes, forks or branches are used by developers to make slight modifications to each other's tasks. 


After the original owner sees the modifications, she/he has a chance to accept them. This process is called merge, which is the third essential item of the Git.

Pull Request

If a developer wants the owner to review changes and save them, they can use pull request so that adjustment can be sent to the original owner. Pull request is the second term that developers frequently use in Github. 

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