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Glossary keyword - Google Analytics Channel

Google Analytics Channel

Google analytics channel shows how people find a website, and where the user's content is performing well. Automatically, it categorizes the traffic directed to a user's website into default channels using how people visited the user's site. 

The channel shows traffic origination. For example, let's say a traveler is traveling from one place to another. In the Google Analytics world, the traveler's starting point is the source. The source can be Google, Bing, etc. For the traveler to make his journey, he will need a car. The car is the medium. The medium can be email, social media, paid search, or a banner. 

Now, the channels are categorizations of the mediums. So the "display" channel will have a medium of Cost Per Thousand (CPM) or banners. The "paid search" channel will consist of mediums of Cost Per Click (CPC). 

So the channel is the road, water, food, air, etc. that the traveler will need. The car becomes the medium that the traveler will use to travel from the source (starting point) to the final destination (user's landing page on the website).

Default Google Analytics Channel 

The Google Analytics channel defaults are the mediums and sources combined so that the user can have a broad idea of how traffic or visitors lands on the user's website. The default GA channels are: 

  • Direct 

Generally, it shows visits where the user directly typed in the URL or if there's no known source of how the user got to the site 

  • Organic Search 

It shows visits to a website from an unpaid (organic) search results. 

  • Social 

It indicates users who visited a website through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

  • Email 

The channel shows visits from links users clicked in email messages. 

  • Affiliates 

It shows traffic from affiliate marketing activities

  • Referral 

When a user clicks a link from another website. It excludes big search engines. 

  • Paid Search 

It shows traffic from Pay Per Click ads in search results 

  • Display 

It shows users who visited a site through display advertising

  • Other Advertising

It shows traffic that is from an online advertising 

The channels, sources, and mediums are case sensitive. It means that a medium of "PPC" is different from "PPC." Google Analytics Channel is helpful because it helps the user to compare the performance of the various types of digital marketing. The user can use the data to make adjustments where necessary.  


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