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Glossary keyword - Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics goals are the parameters in the Google Analytics toolbox used to determine and quantify the number of times users perform particular actions. They help you determine how your app or site is performing its target goals. Hence, any desired action or activity a user completes on your site is a goal. 

These completed activities are known as conversions. Together, these conversions help drive your business in the right direction, towards success. Some common Google Analytics goals include game level completion, contact form submissions, or completing a purchase order. The specific goals differ based on the site and its primary function for its users. 

How They Work

You configure your goals from the view level of Google Analytics. Once configured, your goals can apply to particular screens or page visits by users. Also, they may include the number of times or pages viewed with a session per web user or app users. 

Other aspects, such as the number of times users remained on the app or a particular app, also matter in Google Analytics goals. In essence, the importance or relevance of every goal boils down to its monetary value. This way, it’s easy to determine the worth of each particular goal to your business as a whole. 

Marketers use this market-value approach to Google Analytics goals to help focus on the conversions with the highest value businesswise. Because there are so many things, you can measure or quantity with the analytics too. 

Goal Types

Primarily, Google Analytics goals fall into four categories. These are the destination, duration, screen/pages per session, and event goals. To be more specific, destination goals focus on particular location loads. Meanwhile, duration goals measure the specific time a particular session lasted.

On the other hand, Pages/Screens per session helps you determine the specific number of times a user or viewer watches a specific amount of screen or pages. 



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