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Glossary keyword - Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free service developed by Google to help webmasters learn in-depth information about their websites. Previously, it was called Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), which was initially created for webmasters.

As Google Webmaster Tools changed to the present Google Search Console in May 2015, it paved the way for app developers, web designers, digital marketing experts, and SEO professionals to use the cutting-edge tool.

It helps anyone to keep track of their website, know how Google views the site, and how to optimize it for a more extensive organic presence. The primary purpose of the Google Search Console is ultimately improving website presence.

Benefits of Google Search Console

GSC improves search engine visibility of a website. With a GSC, it helps Google to be aware that a site is present online. Having an optimized website is good, but the GSC can help people locate a website in a simple search.

With the GSC, there is a better keyword optimization to attract traffic to a website. The GSC helps webmasters to optimize their websites based on keywords and key phrases that people used to access the site. With such knowledge, SEO professionals can optimize their websites to attract more traffic and boost sales.

Sometimes, there are broken links and coding issues that can result in a low ranking of a website. When the broken links and the coding issues are fixed, the GSC can update the changes flawlessly.

When a website has a slow loading speed, users will leave the site within a few seconds and search for something other. The GSC alerts webmasters of such issues and glitches to take immediate steps to solve the problem. Also, the GSC has a mobile-friendly test which makes sure sites can load properly on mobile phones. It helps to build a mobile-friendly website that is simple to navigate through.  

The Google Search Console is a great tool that can come in handy in SEO optimization and improving sales, while being entirely free to use. 

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