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Glossary keyword - Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool for adding or updating tags without the need to edit site code. The tags are pieces of codes that can be in Google Ads, Google Analytics, or even non-Google platforms. 

Main elements of Google Tag Manager

There exist three crucial parts of GTM- tag, trigger, and variable. Tags, as said before, can be a snippet of Javascript or tracking pixel from third-party platforms. The primary function of a tag is instructing GTM what to do. The examples include Google Adwords Conversion Tracking code, Facebook pixels, Google Analytics Universal Tracking Code, etc. The second element is a trigger, which tells GTM  when to start the tag that you instructed. Triggers can be a page view, window load, or any other custom event. The third factor is variables-additional information- that your GTM may need for tags or triggers. One of the common types of variables is the Google Analytics UA number for tracking ID number. 

Pros and Cons of GTM

GTM helps marketers in numerous ways. Customizing data for sending to Analytics is possible with this tool. They can monitor some events like PDF downloads or button clicks. It is also useful for e-commerce managers as the platform allows tracking of products and promotions. Besides, all third-party codes gather in one place, which makes them straightforward to manage.

On the other hand, this tool has some drawbacks. Some people claim that Google Tag Manager is so simple that marketers do not need a web developer’s help. This claim can be wrong as the system is not so easy to use without proper technical knowledge or training. For instance, if a marketer tracks events, he/she should know how Google Analytics works to monitor, report, etc. This disadvantage also means that only people who invest time in learning and work continuously in GTM can enjoy its benefits. 

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