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Glossary keyword - Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free web tool provided by Google, which helps users to know specific searched keywords in a particular period. The process is quite simple: a user types in a search term, and Google Trends shows how many people searched for that specific search term within a particular time frame. Over time, users can look at the geographical volumes, explore LSI keywords and topics.

For example, Google can provide a search volume for digital content marketing for the past seven years for users to know how the popularity of the topic has changed over time. Google Trends, however, do not show the traffic the searched term generated. But the results can be useful for digital marketers to find new keywords and content ideas for their marketing strategy.

Google Trends is not a standard keyword research tool, but there are so many things it can do apart from keyword research. It can help users to search for new keywords, find niches by state, search for product categorization in Related Topics, promote business in seasonal trends, search for great content ideas, develop content based on current trends, create niche topics, and track competitors progress using Google Trends Compare.

Google Trends Benefits Businesses

Google Trends gives in-depth insights from 2004 to date. With such insights, users can utilize it to make their business grow and expand. It can also help companies to know how people react to their products and services. SEO marketers can use it to adjust their keyword strategies based on keywords popularity by specific periods and locations.

Using Trends Data can give powerful insights into how people react to important events all over the world. It is a resourceful tool that provides a user-friendly and straightforward interface to navigate through.

In summary, Google Trends can help users to measure their business strength, keep pace with new trends, modify products and services to suit the target audience, and communicate in a better way. 


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