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Glossary keyword - Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search, also called Search by Voice, is a Google product that enables internet users to perform various search functions. By giving voice commands to either their mobile device or computer. In other words, devices with internet connectivity search the internet based on search queries received through speaking directly to the device. Google Labs announced its intentions to introduce a voice search on June 14, 2011, at its Google search event. The lab moved forward with this responsive web design plan. and rolled out Google Voice Search initially on their Chrome browser only.

Voice Action

The Google Voice Search upon release was first called Voice Action. Its initial users, for the first time, could give spoken commands to Android only devices. In its early days, the Voice Action, as it was called, was only available to Android internet users based in the United States. As such, it recognized only American English initially. They added other English locales, including British, Filipino, Indian English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German later. Still, the Google voice back then only replied to speech commands in American English. Upon the release of Android 4.1+, the Google Voice Search merged with Google Now and remained this way for subsequent versions of the Android OS.

Latest Features

A new feature joined the Google Voice Search in August 2014, which enabled users to select up to five different languages. The voice app, henceforth, was able to comprehend all five of these spoken languages automatically. It also performed a search based on them. This new tool allowed users to interact with their devices in a new way. Which also made search more accessible to a broader section of the population. Especially internet users with disabilities. Like users who couldn’t directly input their search queries due to one reason or another, they could now use the Google Voice Search.

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