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Glossary keyword - Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster guidelines are the collection of best practices webmasters can adopt to help build a website that easily crawlable and indexable by Google. Aside from these, the guidelines also cover some practices that Google consider causes for devaluations and other penalties, if deemed necessary by Google. Apart from Google, other search engines such as Bing also provide their Google Webmaster guidelines. 

However, most of the guidelines of most search engines are based on similar principles. Hence, Google being the larger and more prominent search engine worldwide, is more popular. The guidelines apply to every single site in Google’s index. Therefore, webmasters and website developers who want their sites to remain in Google’s index do well to abide by these guidelines. 

Quality Google Webmaster Guidelines

These include the most common types of manipulative or misleading techniques employed by site owners to increase ranking or gain traffic. Google responds negatively to breaches of its stipulated guidelines. However, it may also penalize sites for malpractices not listed in its quality guidelines. 

Hence, to assume that Google will overlook any deceptive practice simply because it hasn’t been mentioned among its webmaster guidelines is wrong. Google doesn’t approve of any malpractices, even if it doesn’t mention them. 

As such, webmasters usually, perform better in the long term when they try to uphold the Google webmaster guidelines. Some believe the basic principles are all they have to care about to perform well in the rankings. 

Basic Principles

Some of the basic principles stipulated in Google’s Webmaster guidelines include the following:

  • Pages building must be for the end uses and not for search bots and spiders. 

  • There should be no element of user deceptions on sites. 

  • Stay away from tricks believed to help boost ranking on search engine result pages

  • Build a unique site that stands out from the competition. 


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