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Glossary keyword - Gradient


Gradient design is a method that enables a designer to mix two or three colors and create a new color. Gradient produces a different dimension to any design that makes an object attractive. Essentially, it adds depth to an object or design. Gradients have been popular for quite some time now. They made a comeback in images and backgrounds. Spotify made gradients accessible again by using duotone gradients over photos. The brand applied them as a specific element of the brand in its microsites and campaigns.

A Beautiful Gradient

A beautiful harmonized gradient must be included only two or three colors (maximum number of the color). In most situations, gradients fade in between a combination of 2 colors that go together well and do not oppose. A gradient can sometimes be visually noisy and inharmonious. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate it from web content. The light source is another significant factor, as this will help the designers to decide which parts of their gradients will be lighter or darker.

Types Of Gradients

Gradients are used in various ways. But the most essential thing is their application to secondary elements within the composition, such as titles, icons, 3D elements.

Gradient colors can be mixed in many ways. The most popular beings are radial or linear gradients with different parameters such as orientation, radius, opacity, or color points. We can also find many types of gradients like duotone, monotone, gradients ramps, multicolor, etc.

A linear gradient is mostly used for square or polygonal. However, this situation changes for the round areas. Therefore, round parts look magnificent only with a radial gradient. 

All gradients are only as strong as their base, whether it is a dual-tone gradient or multi-tone. When the design is color-based, it is an excellent idea to use the color wheel as a guide to ending up with the proper ones.


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