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Glossary keyword - Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO

Google is always making algorithm updates, and it makes it more challenging to use spammy tactics. With Google’s algorithm being stricter, the only way is to follow Google’s guidelines in every detail. However, there are strategies and techniques not included in Google’s policy, which is generally acceptable to some extent. This is called the gray hat SEO. It’s the neutral ground between white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Even though it’s legal, it’s also risky.

Gray hat SEO can work well if done the right way. Generally, it’s not advisable to use some of the gray hat SEO techniques because of its manipulative nature, similar to the black hat SEO. Due to the manipulative nature, there is a high possibility of violating Google’s guidelines. However, if done right, the benefits can be the same as the white hat SEO strategies.

The Use of Gray Hat SEO in Link Building

According to Google, links have to be acquired organically. It means generating quality content, publishing the content, and finding ways for people to link to the quality content. But it doesn’t usually work out as expected. In such cases, there has to be a way for people to link to the content, and at the same time, not violating Google’s guidelines. That’s where gray hat SEO comes in.

There are various techniques employed to achieve the desired goal, with proper implementation and discretion. Some of the ways are buying old domains, guest blogging, buying links, content spinning, social bookmarking, etc.

Gray hat SEO is more common these days; it can easily pass as white hat SEO. Eventually, using gray hat SEO will run out its course, and Google’s guidelines will catch up soon. It’s not recommended to use the gray hat techniques because it has only temporary benefits, that is, if there’s any. As a marketer, it’s essential to evaluate the risk factors against the reward. But with Google’s algorithm getting sophisticated and stricter, it’s best to stick to the white hat SEO. 



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