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Glossary keyword - Hard Bounce

Hard Bounce

Bounce is an automated notification that an email system sends to a user. It informs the sender of the email that the email has not delivered. The original undelivered email is called “bounced.” When the email becomes permanently undeliverable, it is called a hard bounce. It may happen in several cases. They include cases of non-existing domains, typos, and more. 

The Reasons for Hard Bounce

There are mainly three reasons for a hard bounce to happen. These are incorrect email addresses, false domain names, and when the email server blocks the message. In the third reason, the server of the receiver implements this action by the policy. Sometimes, subscribers are not willing to provide their email address. It usually happens due to personal reasons. So, when they provide a wrong email address, the site is unable to deliver the message. Usually, users do this to pass the procedures necessary to use the website. Also, a hard bounce may happen when a subscriber mistakenly unsubscribes from the site. In such situations, the user should opt-in again so that they can receive emails from the website. When a hard bounce occurs, the sender of the mail receives an autoresponder mail. It is called a delivery notification. 

How to Improve the Bounce Rate

Users can improve their hard bounce rate by following some practices. Keeping good list hygiene is one of the options. Users can achieve this by cleaning the email list from non-responders and invalid emails. Apart from this, they can utilize double opt-in. Users can do it by sending a confirmation mail when others subscribe to their list. 

At last, users can monitor the delivery of their correspondences. They can do it by tracking the delivery rates of the emails. It can be implemented by watching the response rates and bounce rates.

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