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Glossary keyword - Header Tags

Header Tags

Header tags help to understand the text structure of a web page. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), two things are of utmost importance in header tags:

  1. Structuring the texts on a web page for readability

  2. The importance of SEO keywords

When sections, subsections, and headers are added to a text page, they separate the content into distinct readable blocks. That way, it becomes easier to read for both humans and bots. The header tags create an outline for an article, and the body of the content fills in the details.

Google values texts used in header tags more than the texts on the webpage. When a user is searching for a term, Google uses the header tags to determine if a web page is relevant to the user’s query. Therefore, it’s essential to include a keyword in h1 tag of the webpage.

For example, if the target keyword is “off-page SEO,” a user can include it in the h1 tag and related words in the subheadings. Marketers can use a keyword research tool to aid in creating header tags on the web page.

LSI keywords can help in acquiring topically related keywords for subheadings. The LSI keywords will prevent keyword stuffing on the webpage and improve the visibility of the website. 

Keyword stuffing can cause more harm than good by causing the webpage to rank lower. Due to the semantic web and LSI keywords, marketers can use related keywords in the header tags to reinforce the quality and relevancy of content.

The header of content matches a user’s content to a searcher’s intent, which goes beyond SEO keyword ranking. The header content plays a significant role in this regard. The primary purpose of a search engine is to deliver a searcher’s needs. So the search engines depend on header tags to determine if a web page has the answer the searcher is looking for.

Marketers should take a more in-depth look at header tags and adjust it accordingly to improve their website’s visibility. Also, marketers should avoid using header tags as hidden text. Google penalizes such misconduct and can result in a shut down of a website.


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