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Glossary keyword - Heading


Heading in web content is a line of text used to inform, describe, and organize content to guide readers. It comes at the beginning of a piece of content, section, or page. Ultimately it sums up the information of the entire content that follows it. Ideally, the heading needs to be as catchy and appealing as possible for the content to gain maximum exposure.

However, it should, in the way, mislead readers into clicking any piece of content. This is a practice commonly referred to as click-baiting. Headings and subheadings are essential for successful web content as such requires much thought since they are one of the main points of attraction on the frontend.

Significance of Headings to Your Content

Usually, section the section heading of web content is h2, and subheadings are h3 in that order. Following these two are detailed subheadings, which are h4s. Together, these play a crucial role in breaking down into smaller and more specific sections. By doing so, readers get a better insight into the content and find it more scannable.

In addition to these, headings also play the all-important role of making it easier for search bots and spiders to quickly scan and index pages. Pages that are appropriately titled with the right headings and subheadings are viewed as compliant with accessibility standards set by the government.

General Guidelines

To set the right headings for your content, you need to name your page with your keyword in mind. It is best to keep the most relevant keywords in section headings and subheadings. However, this shouldn’t be at the detriment of relevance. Though keywords are essential, the heading must be descriptive of the content it is leading.

With relation to subheadings, your h1, h2, and h3s must always be in a consecutive hierarchy. Finally, capitalization of the texts in the heading with the appropriate cases will give it the intended effect.


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