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Glossary keyword - HEX Code

HEX Code

HEX Code (Hexadecimal), is a 16-based number system that consists of 16 unique symbols. This code is used to represent data. HEX code starts with a pound symbol (#) and is followed by 6 hex values pairs. 

Another area where hexadecimal is commonly used is HTML color codes that help to symbolize exactly one color. In other words, developers and web designers use HEX colors in web design. 

A Color Hex Code

A color hex code represents the composition of a specific color in a particular color area (normally, RGB). Hex Codes represent green, red, and blue colors. In classical color theory, all colors can be derived from combinations of these 3 colors. However, it was believed that these 3 colors could not be produced by a mix of other different colors.

RGB Hex Code

RGB ( Red Green Blue) is an additive color space. It indicates that when all 3 colors are set together, the outcome is white. The codes can also be described in a 3-digit code to represent binary values in CSS. Other color spaces using hex codes include HSL, CMYK, HSV, Hunter Lab, and CIELab color space.

A Few RGB Hex Codes for Colors 

  1. The hex code for White color - #FFFFFF

  2. The RGB code for Black color - #000000 

  3.  The hex code for Blue color  - #0000FF

  4. The hex code for Lime color- #00FF00

  5.  The color hex code for Green- #00FF00

  6.  The color hex code for Yellow- #FFFF00

  7. The hex code for Red - #FF0000

  8. The color hex code for Cyan / Aqua- #00FFFF 

  9. The hex code for Gray- #808080 

  10. The color hex code for Purple- #800080

It is also possible to write personal color codes without the necessity of a color picker. For easy combinations like cyan= blue+green (#0FF), magenta =blue+red, (#F0F), understanding how hex codes work will save you more time.

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