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Glossary keyword - HTML


Hypertext Markup Language or HTML structures webpages and allows document creation on them. It acts like Microsoft Word for textual content where it organizes sections, paragraphs or headings with multimedia elements such as images, videos, audios, etc. Working with HTML involves creating code structures, which are tags and attributes to create a page. Usually, the codes start with <ex> and end with </ex>. For instance, for Heading 1, the code line starts with <h1> and closes with </h1> tag. 

How Does HTML Work?

Individuals can instantly recognize a document with .html or .htm extension. They can also use web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox to access and view the .html document. Each web page- home, about us, contact, and others- have separate HTML document. 

This document includes a set of tags that act like building blocks of the page. These tags are in hierarchical order. For instance, a paragraph tag comes after the heading. In general, there are two types of tags: block-level and inline tags. Block-level ones are larger sections of content, such as the page itself, head, body, or headings. Each of them marks the start of a new building block. In contrast, inline tags appear within the blocks of content, such as the style of the text. 

Evolution of Hypertext Markup Language

The first version of HTML appeared in 1991, with only 18 tags. Since that time, every updated version brought new elements. The latest version is HTML5, which was published in 2014. It also provides benefits such as additional semantic tags. With its help, it is easy to reveal the meaning of the content. The leading cause of this advantage is the introduction of the article, header, or footer tags. Besides, HTML5 made it possible to include video or audio without the use of Flash Player. In simple words, this version has native support to these multimedia types by offering <audio> and <video> tags. 

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