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Glossary keyword - HTTPS


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS is a safety protocol that transmits data between client and server. This protocol is not much different than HTTP in terms of processes. The only difference is that HTTPS secures data transmission by encryption. While it serves the same purpose as HTTP, having security is important particularly in banking, insurance websites, or email services. Whenever a user inputs sensitive data such as card details, the site should have a secure protocol to protect this data. When a website is safe, there is a padlock sign on the URL bar. 

Importance of HTTPS

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure makes data unreadable to outsiders. For unwanted guests snooping in on the network, HTTPS prevents the viewing of the data. Without it, the information in the form of packets can easily be tapped into by anyone. Communication is especially dangerous with insecure mediums such as public Wi-Fi. All communications are in the form of easily readable text strings with HTTP protocol. Hence, encryption will ensure that no outsider can view or interpret the information. The absence of security is also harmful to the website itself. Sometimes Internet Service Providers put advertisements to the site without the approval of a website owner. They do not share the profits or check the quality of display ads, too. They are capable of injecting content without consent because the website is not secure. 

How Does It Work?

HTTPS uses an encryption method to secure data transmission. This method is called Transport Layer Security protocol as previously- known Secure Sockets Layers. The essence of this protocol is an Asymmetric Public Key Infrastructure, which encrypts the data between client and server by using two keys. Anyone can use a public key to send data to the server. Only a private key can decrypt this information, which the owner of the website knows and keeps secret. Before encryption, communication is an entirely simple line of text. However, after encryption, the information becomes a nonsense cluster of characters. 

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