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Glossary keyword - Hub Page

Hub Page

A hub page is any page that plays a key navigations role where it serves as the point of access for several other detailed and related web pages. Often, it serves as the center point of reference for a group of similar subjects or topics online, especially in the case of online reference sites like Wikipedia. On such pages, links in the hub page can be accessed through navigation sidebars or wikilinks.


The fundamental function of the hub page is to link the entire site together in a hierarchical and logical order. Thereby bringing together several related but probably dissimilar subjects or sides of the same subject. For instance, taking a subject such as gaming, which is vast, those pages can direct users to the most relevant subtopics quickly and effectively.

Also, in vast subject areas, there arises the need to use sub-hub or secondary hubs as intermediaries between one or more primary hubs and more detailed pages. Thanks to hub pages, web pages of similar groups and kinds can be easily organized and accessed.


Generally, a reader would follow a link into more specific areas through the introductory text found on the hub page. The reader gets instant access by simply clicking links located on the main page, at the head of the hub page paragraph. Due to these essential roles, the introductory section of the hub page needs to start with clear and concise writing. The kind of introduction that’s not intended to cover the topic but only provides an overview of the entire subject.

Page creators and editors contribute to crafting the right introductions at the appropriate locations on the web page. As such, serving its primarily functions as a reference point for visitors whenever they want to navigate to a specific resource under a subject or topic.

Usually, hub pages outrank other pages on a website. The reason being both search engines and people find them more relevant to their given subject matter.

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