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Glossary keyword - Hyperlink


Hyperlink is a link that directs users to a specific webpage on the internet. The destination point can vary. Users can be transferred to another section of the same page and a page of the same or external website. These links can also direct visitors to files such as photos, zip files, executable programs, etc. Plus, hyperlink itself can be in the form of an image or plain text. In terms of styling, these links vary in colors. Usually, if a user has not visited the links, then the hyperlinks appear in blue and underline. However, if he/she has already clicked the links, they will usually turn into purple.

How to Activate a Hyperlink?

People can recognize these links with the help of anchor text and the mouse pointer. Anchor text is a short string of text which signals the content of the destination link. If anchor text leads users to a new destination, the arrow cursor turns into a pointing hand to show that it is clickable. Besides, users can see the destination link in the status bar. Usually, the status bar locates in the bottom, left side of the screen. However, sometimes users turn it off, and it is not visible. People can check it from the settings of the web browser. 

Usually, all visitors need to do is clicking the link to activate. If they do not like the new page content, they can click the Back button or press Backspace key. However, if users want to open the hyperlink in a new tab, they can use the Ctrl+Link function. In this way, they can both stay on the current page and review the content on a new page. 

Implementation Areas

When visitors enter a website, they face dozens of these types of links. Each of them directs users to a new page, image, or file. Plus, when users insert a search query in search engines, they see the results in the form of hyperlinks. Each result is a link to a new website. Another use of a hyperlink is for different sections of the same page. It is helpful when the page is too long.  

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