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Glossary keyword - In-game Advertising

In-game Advertising

In-game advertising refers to the advertising method used in both mobile and computer video games. It is different from advergaming in which a game is designed only for particular advertising products. The in-game advertising industry is vast and has been growing in recent years. The industry generated more than 32 million dollars in 2004 and 56 million dollars in 2005. In 2009, spending for IGA calculated as 700 million dollars. This number skyrocketed in 2014 and reached a billion. 


The first known in-game advertisement was back in 1978 in a computer game that was called Adventureland. The display ads used in this game were self-promotional, and the context was mainly about the company’s next big game.

Types of In-game Advertising

IGA can be integrated into games through several methods. For example, the integration process can include in-game billboards, commercials, short passages, video clips, background images, etc. This type of in-game advertising method is frequently used, as it shows the ad without intervening in the gaming process. There is a similar method that is used by producers, which also makes IGA a part of the game action. For example, there are IGA modules that ask players to complete a task concerning advertisement; otherwise, they cannot pass the following rounds. 

In-game ad models can be static and dynamic. In the static model, advertisements become part of the programmed game and cannot be changed unless the game is entirely online. The dynamic in-game advertising is the opposite of static one, which allows producers to control ads remotely. For instance, they can improve ads, change their positioning, or even upload other ads over time. 


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