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Glossary keyword - Indexability


Indexability explains the search engine’s capability to include a web page to its index. It largely depends on a website’s accessibility and crawlability. These features are needed for allowing search engines to find, analyze, and add a page to their index. Usually, by using several optimization techniques, indexability of a page can be improved. The most popular technique is creating a sitemap that will allow search engines, as well as regular visitors, access all of your pages easily. 

Crawlability vs. Indexability

Improving crawlability or indexability of the website have the same intention of facilitating web crawlers. These crawlers will better access, identity, and index pages to suggest it for related search queries. However, there is a slight difference; crawlability is usually about helping search engines to access and crawl webpages. Meanwhile, the latter allows crawlers to understand the content of the page and assign an index to it. Also, it is possible that a search algorithm can easily crawl among web pages, but it cannot index them.

How to improve indexability?

There are several steps utilized to have better indexing. One of them involves identifying no index tags. It is a common mistake in search engine optimization processes. Sometimes, people forget to delete ‘noindex, follow’ tags, or they do not pay much attention. 

If a page has duplicate content, it is understandable to use it. In other cases, check the <head> area of the page to find such blocks. Otherwise, search engines will not index that URL, and it will not appear in search results. 

Another solution for a poor indexability can be checking canonical tags. This type of tag usually helps to identify the main URL when there exist multiple URLs with the same content. However, the problem with them is that sometimes people can refer the tags to a relative side path or to a page, which is no-index. To solve the problem, they can also use third-party tools for detecting such obstacles. 

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