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Glossary keyword - Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the process of creating a structure for a website or app. The central purpose is to help users navigate through the pages. Similarly, understanding where they stand and where the information they are looking for is located are the main goals of effective IA. 

Importance of Information Architecture

Content Creation is an essential part of building web pages. However, what is equally important is helping users find content. Time is a precious and limited resource. Therefore, users do not like wasting time searching for the page, and they will quit if they can’t find what they need. Think about lousy architecture as a maze. If people do not see the page they are searching from the start, it is highly probable that they will leave. When they go, it is more difficult to bring them back. It is necessary to provide the content they need in the shortest possible time and with low effort. 

Common Methodologies

Information Architecture has roots in different fields. Among them, two methodologies deserve more attention as they created the building blocks of AI. Those are the Library Science and Cognitive Psychology. 

Library Science focuses on the categorization and cataloging of information. Categorization means that content pieces have similarities, and they can create a category based on similar points. Catalogs involve creating metadata and assigning them to content to find it easily in the future. As website developers need to categorize content or create a catalog for better navigations, Library Science is a valuable part of effective IA.

In addition, Cognitive psychology analyzes how people’s minds work. In Information architecture, web designers use the findings of Cognitive psychology to create a better user experience. For instance, the study indicates that people have a specific cognitive load, which indicates the amount of information we can process at a time. So, it is necessary not to overload the page with content. Also, there are many other studies, including mental models or visual perception. 

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