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Glossary keyword - Internal Link

Internal Link

An internal link is a type of hyperlink which points to a web page of the same website. The benefits of such links involve improved navigation, established hierarchy, and balanced link equity over the site. Also, they allow authority, also known as “link juice,” to pass from one page to another, which can be crucial for search engine optimization. Plus, those links guide users to other high-quality content that will further explain the web page.

It is vital to use internal links in a proper format to achieve all these benefits. The best way is to use a related word or group of words and phrases as anchor text. It helps visitors and search engines to understand the main content of the pointed page.

External vs. Internal link

An external link is the opposite of the internal one. These hyperlinks come to a website from other sources or direct users from one site to another. External sources bring many benefits for SEO, as it is a fundamental ranking factor across all search engine platforms. For instance, they usually help to increase the volume of referral traffic and boost visibility in search engines. However, the problem is that website owners, typically, have limited control over them. As these links come from external websites, getting them might be a challenge. The best way to get strong backlinks is to share content that people can truly benefit from. Besides, external links improve domain authority and direct people from other resources to your page, resulting in higher website traffic. In contrast, internal hyperlinks help to improve page authority only.

Use of Internal Links in SEO

Internal links are essential for any SEO strategy. A search engine crawlers have to understand the content of web pages, and having internal links is one of the crucial ways of helping the crawlers. By establishing site architecture and equally distributing link equity, these links create an SEO-friendly web page and facilitate search algorithms. 

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