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Glossary keyword - International SEO

International SEO

International SEO is optimizing webpages for an international audience. As a result of successful optimization, the algorithm of the search engine can define which country or language one is targeting. International seo is as vital as optimization for local clients. A reasonably good share of traffic comes from countries abroad and people who speak other languages. If done right, SEO enhances the user experience of visitors all around the globe. 

What is the Difference

International SEO is not much different from the normal optimization process. Whatever strategy is applied in local SEO will work for international ones too. However, the main three areas of focus would be URL structure, language tags, and content creation. The URL structure is a part of country targeting, while language tags are a part of language targeting. One can target both at the same time. But sometimes, companies target only one of them. For instance, people living in Spain and Latin America know and use Spanish frequently. Hence, instead of targeting a country specifically, it is better to focus on the Spanish language.  

Points to Consider

It is also beneficial to consider currency, time, address, and contact numbers while developing the website for international clients. Besides, various countries view colors and designs in different ways. Therefore, considering their culture is also an essential part of local SEO. 

Language Translation

Specialists also should not utilize machine translations. Those machines are still not sophisticated enough. Suggesting a different language based on location will also work. However, automatically translating the page without asking might be very annoying for the visitor. Using cookies for showing various language versions can also be not desirable.

When implemented correctly, International SEO creates a positive experience for visitors from different countries. Not all websites utilize this strategy. However, there is a high probability that your traffic value and conversion rate will increase as a result. 

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