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Glossary keyword - JavaScript


JavaScript is one of the primary computer programming languages for program developers. Java has object-oriented abilities and it is considered to be an interpreted programming language. It is used as a part of web pages and implementation of it allows client-side script to manage interaction with the user side.

History of the JavaScript

JavaScript was known as Live Script till Netscape changed the name of it. The programming language was created in 1995. The first appearance of this script was in Netscape 2.0. After that, Internet Explorer and other web browsers acquired it as well. ECMA-262 specification defined a common version of this programming language. Java Script’s features include:


  • Lightweight, interpreted programming language 

  • Open, Cross-platform 

  • Complementary to HTML

  • Integrated with HTML

  • Complementary to Java

  • Integrated with Java

  • Designed for developing network-centric applications

Client-Side JavaScript

It is the most common form of Java. Client-side Javascript needs to be included in an HTML document, so that code can be interpreted by the browser. A web page does not need to be a static HTML file though can include programs which can interact with users, dynamically manage HTML content, and control Immediate feedback to visitors- JavaScript allows users to know if they have forgotten something so, they do not need to wait for a page to reload the browser. There are some advantages that users can get from this programming language which are not provided by traditional CGI servers. For instance, Javascript can be used to see email addresses of users and check whether or not they entered a valid email in the form fields of the website. JavaScript code can be executed after users submit their forms. If all the submitted entries are binding, then they would be submitted to the webserver. 


  • Richer interface- By using JavaScript people can include items such as drag and drop sliders so that visitors get a rich interface. 

  • Less Server Interaction- People can validate visitor’s input prior to sending a page off to the server.

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