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Glossary keyword - Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword Cannibalization occurs when one keyword redirects a user to two or more pages on a website. This might look attractive at first glance, however, keyword cannibalization can confuse Google search bots. It is therefore advisable to use different keywords for the different website pages.

Why is Keyword Cannibalization bad?

Keyword cannibalization is not good for search engines like Google. In other words, it confuses search bots resulting in the targeted webpage being irrelevant to the given keyword eliminated. Also, cannibalization restricts a website from showing up for variable keywords. This is like sacrificing strong content for limited weak content. An example can be ranking of a less preferable page over a more preferable one. 

By doing keyword cannibalization, websites lose some advantages of SEO, as well. External links should be taken into account while targeting a strong SEO strategy. When Keyword Cannibalization happens, external links that would normally take users to one page will now divide them. The division of users on several pages causes it to lose the ability to strengthen the website as a whole.

How to prevent Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization can be prevented in several ways. De-optimizing is one of the methods to do this. While de-optimizing, reference to that unnecessary keyword is eliminated. Though it is not a very strong method, it still does work to an extent. Another way to prevent keyword cannibalization is merging. This is the most optimal choice when a keyword takes users to two very similar webpages. By this method, the likelihood of achieving a higher SEO ranking goes up, as well. The last solution to keyword cannibalization is deleting. This option is the best one, while a worse page “cannibalizes” a better one. The alternative of deleting can be selected when a page does not propose any benefit to targeted users.

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