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Glossary keyword - Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty determines how difficult an SEO keyword will rank on Google’s webpage. Knowing a keyword difficulty will help to decide whether to optimize the keyword for a web page or use it in the Google Ads Campaign.

Searching for a diverse range of keywords to help a webpage rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is relatively simple. But determining what it’ll require to rank the keywords and using the information gained to plan an SEO strategy is the challenging part. That’s when a keyword difficulty comes in.

Up until now, nobody knows precisely the formula Google used to rank web pages. Even if the method is known, some keywords will still be challenging to rank than others. That’s why the difficulty of a keyword is one of the main challenges in SEO.

There are many Keyword difficulty tools on the market, with each having their way of calculating how difficult a keyword is on a webpage. Each has its pros and cons, so it’s up to the marketer to determine which works best for their marketing strategy. To be on a safer side, marketers need to know two things:

  1. Use the keyword research tool as a directional tool in the marketing strategy, not a decision-making factor.

  2. Marketers should test different keyword difficulty tools to know which works best and stick with it.

Different variables determine the difficulty, including Google’s algorithm. In the SEO world, things always change, so it’s not best to depend on one keyword research tool to build keyword strategies.

One most significant problem with many keyword difficulty tools is that it does not take into account the marketer’s website. The tool provides a general score based on other similar sites with the specific keyword.

Keyword Difficulty Is Still Relevant

In all, keyword difficulty is still useful. Although there is not the best keyword tool to determine the difficulty, the tool can give marketers a starting point in their keyword research strategy. To have a successful result, marketers should combine data from the keyword difficulty tool with their manual keyword research data. The webpage will rank in no time. 


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