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Glossary keyword - Keyword Relevancy

Keyword Relevancy

Keyword relevancy refers to a qualitative measure of the significance of keyword segmentation. It means how relevant or crucial, particular keywords or phrases are to pages of your website. Search engines use relevant keywords to determine the content of the page; that is why the rank of the keywords is significant while you put them on your site. Whenever users do keyword optimization for websites, they target specific keywords for specific web pages. This means that the keywords which were provided on the homepage need to be different from interior product or service pages’ keywords.

Why is Keyword Relevancy important?

Marketers track keywords to learn their ranking and relevance to do that they use tools such as word stream. Word stream is a tool that analyses any number of keywords and makes suggestions about possible keyword segmentation in relevancy order. Keyword relevancy is a dynamic variable that can frequently change as the more data flows into the word stream of the specific base.

There is an average for keyword segmentation that creates a total score of related keywords that occurs in the set frequently. The percentage of the visits determines the total search volume of the keywords, which is used to define keyword relevancy. By ranking keyword per their relevance, marketers can see the whole picture, which allows them to focus on specific keywords that are the most important ones for their particular business.

Place of the keyword

Whenever brands optimize their websites by using keyword relevancy, usually, they do not emphasize keywords over their brand identity, product name, and more because the volume of those kinds of keywords is below average. The place of the keyword is as essential as its relevance. The areas where you need to place keywords according to their relevance:


H1 tag

Meta Description

Title Tag

Body content

Bold or italicized

All of the tags or image filenames are a better choice for keyword relevancy website optimization.

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