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Glossary keyword - Keyword Research and Keyword Optimization

Keyword Research and Keyword Optimization

Keyword research is searching and selecting the combination of words that people use while conducting searches on search engines. Based on the words used in the search, specific keywords are pulled up and utilized within the content of blog posts/articles/webpages. Keyword optimization is one of the first steps that all SEO processes start. Keyword research can be done using many different tools. Google Search Console, or Ahrefs, is a popular one. Optimization of Keywords brings a lot of benefits to the websites. 

Benefits of Keyword Research

Firstly, the process delivers a high volume of quality traffic. If they search with the keyword one target, then his website will rank higher among the results. As the site is more visible, the high volume of SEO traffic is available. However, if one uses more specific keywords, then more quality traffic will be accessed. The reason is that those visitors will require this particular service.

Additionally, keywords help estimate the potential market size. One can make estimations based on the number of searches of related keywords. Also, keyword research help specialists to understand what the prospective customer wants and needs. Then by creating content responsive to these needs, one can win the market. 

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is a continuous process that affects other SEO strategies. Almost all optimization steps depend on keyword optimization. For instance, the titles and headings of content should include related keywords. Then, any links inserted should again involve the keywords. If one puts images within the content, the alt description of images needs to have keywords for SEO in it. 

Next, it is advisable if the URL includes a keyword in the slug name. Lastly, one can also use related keywords in meta descriptions. Still, it is not clear whether this step will increase ranking directly or not. However, it is a practical action to catch the attention of clients. As already understood, keyword research is the center of the Search Engine Optimization process.

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