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Glossary keyword - Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a strategy of including keywords numerous times to manipulate the rankings. It is a part of a Black Hat SEO strategy that utilizes unethical practices and goes against established guidelines. 

The motive behind this process is that the relevance of keywords is a critical factor in determining the top search results. Hence, by adding keywords many times, people try to increase the ranking of a website. The problem is that these keywords mostly do not make any sense with the content. Readers get fed up with them and the readability of the content decrease. 

History of Keyword Stuffing

This practice started in the early 2000s and was famous a decade ago. At that time, search engines were not advanced. They relied on exact keywords to find related websites. Therefore, website owners used a stuffing method to improve their relevance. However, nowadays Google advanced its PageRank algorithm. In this way, they included up to 200 factors that define the ranking. Besides, the algorithm is able to detect keyword stuffing. Hence, this unethical practice will lead to penalties.


There are several methods of keyword stuffing. In the past, people created blocks of paragraphs that only included the words for search queries. These paragraphs did not make any sense for a reader. As the search engines developed, these ‘text’ blocks become easy to detect. Hence, people moved from this method to a new one. They start adding keywords to the contents. However, they add more than the recommended amount. Besides, the distribution of keywords are not even. Another method includes coloring the keywords with the background color. As a result, they become invisible to human eyes. No matter the method, this practice should not be a part of any professional SEO strategy. Search engines advance day by day and they are able to detect this kind of unethical practice.

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