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Glossary keyword - Keyword Tag

Keyword Tag

A keyword tag is a Meta element which is located inside the HTML file of a web page. There are eight to ten keyword phrases or exact keywords that these tags hold, and they consist of common misspellings of the primary page topic. During the late 90s’ tags become so popular, though later on, their popularity decreased because it was discovered that meta tags contain misleading information, or they can be used as an attempt to generate spamdexing. In search engines like Infoseek and Alta Vista,  tags used consistently by many website administrators. The drawback of this matter started when scammers tried to create false keywords and put them among tags so that users who follow those tags can be drawn into spam websites. The early 20s’ was the time when the usage of these types of tags dropped rapidly from almost all the search engines.

Importance of Keyword Tag

The importance of the keyword tag is one of the topics that experts in the Search Engine Optimization field argued over for quite some time. Some of the experts believe that tags are essential for ranking results, while others state that they are useless and cannot hold any value regarding search results. When web pages got ranked according to the words that keyword tag contain, it is not because of the Meta tag, but the reason for that is the availability of those exact words on other parts of that same pages. From April 2017, professionals’ views on tags stated that they have little or no effect on SE rankings.

Is there any need to use Keyword Tags?

SEO and tags are interrelated because of the small effect that this matter has on the search engine ranking results. Yet, with only a tiny portion of the impact, one can argue that there is a benefit of using keyword tag for web pages.

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