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Glossary keyword - Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panel

Knowledge panel is a small box of information that appears on top when users enter a search query. It represents Google’s Knowledge Graph and usually appears on the top of the search results. In simple terms, this box includes short information that Google believes is a simple answer to a search. The main aim of the knowledge panel is helping users to get a quick snapshot of the topic in question. 

The importance of the Knowledge Panel

The knowledge panel is the dream of many businesses that primarily rely on organic search traffic. When a website appears on top of search results for a particular keyword, people become more likely to visit it. It does increase not only traffic, but also authority and trustworthiness.

Knowledge panels are very similar to featured snippets and are a great way to differentiate a website from its competitors. As previously mentioned, it leads to improved trust, increased volume of traffic, and higher sales. 

How to Appear in This Panel?

While it offers considerable benefits to websites, it is not straightforward to appear in the knowledge panel. If the business is local, it has more influence on Google’s decision about which site will be placed in the Knowledge Panel. The first thing to do is getting a Google MyBusiness account and verifying the owner. Next, it will be possible to edit or input related NAP information of your brand, including address, work hours, or some images. If an owner wants to improve his chance, even more, it is advisable to use Google Search Console and utilize structured data markup. However, even if all these steps are done, there is still no guarantee that a webpage will appear in this panel.

There also exists a branded or personal panel, which is more challenging to get than local panels. Some strategies for knowledge panels can be improved domain/page authority or receiving massive volume of traffic. As before, Google is still the only party that decides whether your brand will have a place in this panel or not.

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