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Glossary keyword - Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is a technique for speeding-up page-load by delaying the loading of unnecessary content. When a user enters a website, there are some content that visitors will not even pay attention to. However, as people are not sure which elements are essential for visitors, they keep all resources (images, videos, etc.) on the page. Maintaining all media elements weakens website performance. 

How Lazy Loading Works?

Improving page load speed, while not skimping on resources is possible with Lazy Loading. When project stakeholders add a new element to a web page, they write extra code lines. These codes ensure that the resource uses a small placeholder as a reference. When a user enters the webpage, the placeholder stays until visitors pay attention to the element. For instance, if a user opens the website and immediately leaves, then only the top part of the page is loaded. If visitor scrolls to other components, caching took place, and actual elements replace the placeholder. 

Pros and Cons

As mentioned before, one of the benefits of this technique is that you do not need to eliminate resources. Page administrators can keep multimedia elements without slowing the loading speed. The website does not load the stuff that a visitor might not even look at. This strategy does not waste data. If people use limited data plans, loading unnecessary elements will be a waste of money. Plus, it avoids extra usage of time, battery, etc. So, Lazy Loading of resources affects site performance positively.

The downsides can include extra lines of code, which makes the process complicated. Additionally, this technique can affect the search ranking of the page. As placeholder replaces resources in default, a search engine can misinterpret or even ignore the content. Using this strategy for blog posts might prevent the search engine from indexing the page. A general solution to this problem is providing links to content. In this way, the engine crawls to that link to index the page.  

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