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Glossary keyword - Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation in marketing is the onset of consumer interest generation or probe into the services or products provided by the business. Leads are often created for specific intentions such as e-newsletter list acquisitions, sales leads, or list building. Generally, advertising covers the different methods of lead generation. However, there are non-paid sources, both in digital and traditional marketing, such as word of mouth, referrals from existing customers, or organic search engine results. These also encompass the processes of lead generation. There are different sources for acquiring leads. Some of these are through the media. Examples are the internet, telephone calls, events, and traditional advertisements.

Fishing for Leads

According to a study conducted in 2015, email accounted for the most used medium of lead generation. Next in line was content marketing, followed by the search engine, and lastly, events. An earlier study in 2014 revealed that web referrals, direct traffic, and search engines are the most successful channels online for generating leads. Collectively these account for 93% of all leads online. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation, together with lead management, moves prospects through the sales funnel. The combination of these two crucial marketing processes is termed as pipeline marketing. Together these two ensure leads transform into paying customers.

Lead Follow Up

Lead generation proceeds with lead follow up. In this process, an individual is responsible for following up acquired leads. This individual may be a salesperson or an agent of a business responsible for qualifying and reviewing leads for their business potential. This allows the lead to become a valid business opportunity. Following this, several other sales processes ensure a deal closes. Hence, lead generation sets up the entire sales process, which is usually in the form of the contact information or demographic information of individuals. This includes leads that expressed interest in one way or another in a particular service or product.


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