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Glossary keyword - Lead Nurturing (LN)

Lead Nurturing (LN)

Lead Nurturing is a process that takes part between buyers and sellers. It helps develop relationships between two parties at every stage of the sale process. The main objectives of Nurturing are marketing and communication. LN focuses on the needs of customers and provides them with needed info/answers that they search for. The lead scoring system is the part of nurturing that evaluates the criteria to improve the strategic marketing plan of the company. 

How to score leads for Nurturing

Marketing and sales of the company need to create a lead scoring strategy that shows where a specific point is within the company’s buying model. It is a crucial part of Lead Nurturing because this gives a chance for a brand to know how and when to address each customer by using specific communication tools. The details of lead scoring are different for every brand. Though three standard dimensions need to be evaluated as the company develops its strategy. 

Three Dimensions of Lead Nurturing scoring

Lead Fit

Lead fit is used as an evaluator, and it shows how well a particular buyer is matched to the company’s prospects.  Lead fit considers three aspects when it evaluates customers. They are:

  • Demographics

  • Firmographics

  • Budget

This data is collected from email subscriptions, social media accounts, and Google searches of particular customers. 

Lead Interest

Lead Interest is used to track the online behaviors of particular customers to know how attractive their products seem to the buyer. Brands evaluate whether or not the customer spends more time on their site, likes/comments/ shares their posts on social media, and more. 

Lead Behaviour

Lead Nurturing LBs track whether or not the customer is serious to get some products or want to acquire information. If customers register to sites, read blogs, and checks new products, these signs show that they intended to buy the product but want to learn more about them. 

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